The Venus Factor Program – A Distinctive Approach for Weight Loss

the venus factor program

The initial thing ladies must know about The Venus Factor Program is the fact that this is simply not an easy weight loss program. John Barban made the program for ladies who are seeking lean and hourglass female shape. The program may also be recognized as complete body transformation course. The Venus Factor Program is developed solely for ladies to give them hour glass figure and much of the focus throughout the workout is towards the shoulders. This way, fat is burned off as well as muscles are built. All the routines in The Venus Factor are designed in a circuit fashion and between the workouts; a one min rest is permitted.

How is The Venus Factor Program distinctive?

The Venus Factor Program is distinctive from the belief that its primary focus is towards mastering the form of the ladies body. In comparison, other workout programs for females fail to take physique into consideration. Sustaining an ideal physique is an extremely important factor while contemplating a good workout program and simply the efficient ones totally address this problem. Mainly, other diet plans concentrate on the entire body however they forget to take into consideration the most visible feature in ladies “the physique”. Ladies seeking to shed weight must bear in mind; it is advised to allow them to work with an exercise program which not merely stresses on fat loss, but also mastering the form of the body. As it pertains to fat loss and ideal physique, The Venus Factor Program tops the list.

What is The Venus Index?

The Venus Index specifics that an idea physique for ladies has following dimensions:

Height-to-Waist Ratio (HWR)
The waist should be approx 38% of your height.

Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR)
The hip should be around 42% more than your waist size.

Waist-to-Shoulder Ratio (WSR)
The shoulders should be around 62% more than your waist size.

Through this idea of Venus Factor Index, ladies who are willing to purchase the program may remain inspired throughout the process to achieve these desired dimensions of the index. The Venus Factor Program may also turn out to be an excellent guide in adhering to a diet system best fit for shedding weight.

Adding to its success, The Venus factor Program doesn’t stop ladies from consuming their favorite foods, rather it guides them about most effective eating formula and diet regimes relating to their weight loss requirements. Along with dimensions, height and weight, the level of calorie required by the body can also be determined by the Venus Index. The Venus Factor Program is a completely unique and innovative approach for weight loss and it doesn’t resemble any other dieting strategy or fast weight reduction program.

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